Welcome to Hudsonville Robotics Competitive Robotics Program.

We provide students the equipment and knowledge to compete in the world's largest robotics competition program.

Each April the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation releases a new game. Student teams must design, build, program, and operate a robot built from a standard library of parts.

The fall competition gives teams the opportunity to test their skills and watch other robots perform. Regardless of the outcome teams will gain experience and will work to improve their abilities. The competition drives innovation.

This sport is very challenging and requires quite a commitment but it will provide students with an environment that teaches S.T.E.M., design, programming, logic, along with social skills, integrity, and sportsmanship.

This program is available to Hudsonville Public School students from age 9 to 18 and is divided into three age groups. Vex IQ Elementary is for grades 5 & 6, Vex VRC Middle School is for grades 7 & 8, Vex VRC High School is for grades 9-12.

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